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How To: Style your Long Bob for Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to try out a brand new hairstyle. For many of us, switching up our hair involves cutting some of it off! I recently did just that, opting for a long bob style courtesy of Master Stylist Karen Lino. If you’ve also jumped on the bandwagon of the long bob trend, read on for a few ways to style your new do this summer!

Curl it Up


Jourdan Dunn – who technically has a full on bob, but I love her and had to feature her here!














If you have straight hair like me, I suggest letting your hair air dry after washing it to minimise the amount of heat you’re going to apply. You can always use a round brush for some extra volume when it’s almost dry. Next, take a 3/4 to 1 inch curling iron and curl big sections of hair going in opposite directions. You’ll want your face framing pieces to be curled away from your face. Finger brush out the curls to finish!

For curly haired girls, you may need to straighten out your hair prior to curling. Better yet, embrace your natural curl with a curl enhancing product like Kevin Murphy’s Killer Curls!

Sleek and Straight


Jessica Alba

Once again, I like to let my hair air dry before straightening it to avoid using a ton of heat. Although my hair is naturally straight, I use a straightening iron if I want a really sleek look. I curved my ends in slightly but not so much that they look rounded.

Photo 2016-06-21, 5 45 06 PM.jpg

For curly hair, blow drying your hair with a large round brush before flat-ironing may be optimal. Curly haired Stylist Karen loves using Living Proof’s Style Lab Satin Hair Serum before blow-drying her hair straight!

Messy and Textured


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

Bring on the beach hair! For this look, I first scrunched up my wet hair with Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort and let it air dry. I then took a flat iron and added random bends into my hair, all directed away from my face. I like using a flat iron for this particular style because I find I have more control over the wave I am creating and where I want the bend, compared to when I use a curling iron.

For curly haired girls, I suggest you straighten out your hair before the above steps. Alternatively, you can once again embrace your natural texture! Try using Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again to eliminate any frizz and then use a flat iron to manipulate your curl.


Try these hairstyles and products out on your new long bob haircut and let us know what you think!


Blog by Alice Kapune.

Celebrity photos from Google images. 

My Journey to Bright Purple Hair and How You Can Get It Too

I’ve always been fairly timid with my hair choices, opting for various shades of brown or subtle ombres. The wildest I had gone was a brown with a slight purple tint to it, and some purple pieces along the bottom. But one morning I woke up and wanted to do something totally different and go purple all over. I texted my lovely co blogger Alice and we made plans to come get our hair done. Doing bright, fun colours in your hair isn’t always an easy (or short) process, so I’m going to explain what Senior Stylist Vanessa did to make my hair a gorgeous shade of purple.Because my hair was currently a sombre, I needed to lighten it first. Unfortunately, because there was more than one colour in my hair, and it had been coloured many times in the past, we couldn’t lighten everything at once. Vanessa started by applying the lightener to my roots, which was the darkest and natural hair colour. She let that sit for a while, and when she came back she started applying through the middle section of my hair. Finally she did the ends of my hair and made sure everything was lifting to the same colour.


Seeing my hair the colour of Kraft Dinner definitely made me a little nervous.

As you can see, my hair didn’t lift evenly, and in my experience this is normal. We applied a toner that would even everything out and get rid of some of that residual orange pigment in my hair.


This was the last picture I saw of my hair until the end. Slightly nerve wracking, but I put all my trust into Vanessa

It was finally time to apply the colour! We did this using Sparks direct colour, and Vanessa mixed a few different colours in order to get the shade of purple that we were going for. Once the purple was applied, we let it sit for a long time. We decided that I wouldn’t see anything involving the purple until the finished product. I loved the idea of being surprised, but it was so tempting to peek when everyone was coming up to me and talking about the colour!


The Sparks colour on my hair… it’s so purple!

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I fell in love with the colour! It didn’t feel like a weird colour for my hair to be, it just looked good. In total, it ended up being a 5 step colour application and I was there for 3-4 hours. It’s definitely not a short process, but it was absolutely worth it. Everyone will have a different experience, but most people require their hair to be lightened before they can do any sort of brighter colour. This colour will fade in roughly a month, and then we can play around with different colours to put on!


The official before and after! Unfortunately we forgot to take something while we were in the salon, but even after being out in the wind, the colour look fantastic!

If you’re looking to try something new for summer, head to or call 613-695-0789 to set up a free, 15 minute Consultation. Remember to post your photos with the hashtag #HRBL so we can see your fabulous hair!

From Runway to Running Out The Door – Fall 2013 Hairstyles

For the Fall 2013 season, there are many looks you are easily able to achieve at home, and some, not so much! We think you should leave the now  popular runway “wet look” for when you come out of the shower… But below, we have styles that will suit everyone’s often busy lifestyle, as seen on the runways for Fall 2013.

“Wake Up and Go!”

Wow, this is definitely everyone’s ideal hair-style! To wake up and leave your house with your hair as is. For these looks, do not forget to add some dry shampoo, a brush through with your fingers, and off you go!

burberry rough blowdry


easy blowdry vera wang

Vera Wang

“Wake Up, Take 5 Minutes, and Go!”

Similar to the looks above, these are effortless styles, except, you can see hints of wave. To create this look, either curl/wand your hair the night before and simply brush through once in the morning. Or the morning of, quickly curl/wand your hair, break a part with your fingers, (don’t forget dry shampoo), and off you go!

undone waves phillip lim

Phillip Lim

undone waves diane von furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg

“Wake Up, Uh Oh Last Minute Meeting, and Go!”

The low pony tail  is ideal for a day where you have meetings or need to have a lunch date with your boss. It appears a little messy, (since you did not have time to wash your hair this morning), but the little detail of wrapping your hair around the elastic is chic, effortless and takes minimal time Your boss will be impressed!

low pony

Ralph Lauren

low pony rachel

Rachel Zoe

“Wake Up and Decide, Hey I Want A Change, And Go!”

We wanted to illustrate styles ideal for the busy woman, however, if you want to opt for a change, please say yes to bangs! The textured bang is versatile – worn straight across or can be side swept. As it grows out (bangs tend to grow the fastest), you will be able to middle part them. Mix it with any of the above looks and you have encapsulated what Emilio Pucci had on his Fall 2013 runway – talk about being trendy!

emilio pucci bangs

Emilio Pucci

bangs pucci

Emilio Pucci


By: Amanda Vagners

Media Coordinator
Hair Republic | Salon

Beauty With Benefits

The price of beauty can be high. After buying mascara, eye shadow and my own personal addiction, lipstick, it is easy to look into your newest bag of goodies and feel that dreaded feeling – buyer’s remorse. Why not try to ease that guilty feeling by giving a little something back?

Low and behold: beauty with benefits. Here are just a few beauty items that can make you feel better about buying that fabulous new shade of shadow you have been eyeing.

One of the products that has me reaching for my wallet is Peacekeeper Cause-Metics nail polish. It is organic, vegan and it donates all of its after-tax profits to women’s health and human rights organizations with a spotlight on women living in poverty and servitude. Peacekeeper is not just all about the nails either; they offer a range of lip balms, glosses & lip paint as well.

Their products are available at

 One of the most interesting product lines I came across was the CARGO PlantLove professional collection. What stands out the most about their products is how unique their packaging is – all of it is made of corn! My favorite packaging is of their lipsticks. The package has little wildflower seeds in it, and so after your lipstick is done, you can wet it down, plant it & voila – instant garden!  You can pamper your inner flowerchild at .

Also, two dollars from every sale of their lipsticks go to The Saint Jude’s Hospital.

With names such as “Golden Retriever” “Pug” and “Sheepdog”, eye shadow is not exactly the product you would expect. Buxom Stay-There is a Sephora exclusive brand of vibrantly hued, long wear & water proof eye shadows with colors ranging from a soft gold dubbed “Poodle” to a bright vivacious purple “Schnauzer”. In honour of the four legged friends, Buxom makes a charitable donation to Canine Companions for Independence. Who are a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs. Find your favorite at

Another brand that stands out in my makeup bag is NYX Cosmetics. I first found the brand when I would sport rainbow hued eyes and a band tee, though my style has changed, it is a company I trust – with good reason. One of their sensational products it their Doll Eye mascara. You can choose from waterproof, lengthening or volumizing and it delivers on its promise of full & flirty “doll eyes”. What makes this company even more desirable is how NYX has always been a proud supporter of many charities. They are most involved with the needs of children, such as The Art of Elysium, Children’s Institute Inc & Musicares to name a few organizations. So go ahead and get all dolled up, NYX can be found at Drugstores across the city & at

No article on cosmetics that care could be complete without the mention of MAC’s fabulous Viva Glam line of lipsticks. Most famous for having some of the most vivid and fun colours designed by top name celebrities, also, donating 100% of their profits to their very own MAC AIDS Fund. All their Viva Glam products can be found at

Whether your must-have make up item is a bright lipstick, statement shadows or amazing mascara, why not beautify yourself inside-out by buying make up that makes a difference? If someone asks you why you need yet another shade of lipstick, just tell them you are trying to save the world!


Article By M. Donohue

Spring / Summer Art Exhibit

Presented by IAM Independant Artist Management

Presented by IAM Independant Artist Management – the new collection features work done by Ashley Ann Barrie, Aida Karanovic and Mike Rouleau.  Join us on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at the salon for a live art exhibition for an introduction to our new collection.