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Streetstyle File: Hair Tips for Hats and Scarves

When the cold weather rolls around, it brings the opportunity to add accessories of our favourite kind: Hats and scarves. From wide brim fedoras, to floppy felts, slouchy toques, chunky wools and infinity scarves, the possibilities for great winter style are endless. Michelle Nguyen partner and director of Hair Republic has a few helpful tips on rocking warm accessories this season.


Hat’s Off to No Hat Head
When donning a hat, Nguyen’s tip is to emphasize on texture. A blow out will tend to get a crease along the line where the hat sits on your head. She recommends to curl, crimp or wave, which makes it less likely to see any hat imprints as hair will flow with the style. If you’re sporting a pixie or short and sleek cut, Nguyen suggests keeping a few strands out around the face or a little fringe to contour. Always have a little hair showing to keep the look cute and to intentional. The hat is the accessory, so style hair as a way to enhance it, not the other way around.


Wrap It Up and Keep It Sleek
Scarves are a necessity in the cold, and can add drama or spark to winter wear. But if hair is mid-length or longer, a few hours of scarf wear out in the cold can result in a ‘nape-knot’; that mass of hair that tends to matte and tangle from static as hair and fabric create friction. Nguyen’s solution is to try a side braid, or carry a little tamer when heading out for the day. She also notes that a leave in conditioner, such as Kevin Murphy Damage Manager or Kevin Murphy Young Again can seal the hair, making it softer and more manageable with less tendency for tangling. When not rocking a plait, toting a small travel brush and detangling during the day will mean less time fighting with strands when you get home.

Overall, when heading out into the cold the right cut and products will make the difference between struggling with winter accessories or having fun dressing for the cold and looking stylish when out around town.


Post by AVL.

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The Very Versatile Lob

The recently trendy ‘Lob’ hairstyle is a grown out bob, or if you choose, you can cut it to a specific length. It has been seen on many celebrities recently and is a refreshing change from long hair and extensions worn by women!

Here are our top five reasons why a lob is the most chic and versatile hairstyle at the moment:

1. Short = less maintenance in the morning

It is a no brainer that shorter hair equals less time when getting ready and less maintenance during the day. How great is that!

2. The messy/beach wave look

It is easy to quickly curl your hair, run your fingers through it, and add some hair spray. Voila, you have perfectly tousled lob that doesn’t need upkeep during the day!

blonde lob

cheryl cole lob


3. Sleek and chic

Again, easy to blowdry straight, or run a straightener through, with a finishing shine spray. You will look beyond polished for your day at work or a night out!


genyth lobjenny mccarthy lob


4. Say ‘bye-bye’ to your Ombre hair style

Ombre (or Balayage highlighting) has been on trend for a few seasons now, but with the Lob, it has never been a better time to transition away from the Ombre look. Cut off the damaged and dry ends from your Ombre for a healthy head of hair while being on trend!


ciara ombre lob olivia palermo ombre lob


5. Looks beautiful with all hair colours and face shapes

All of our celebrity examples vary from blonde to different shades of brunette. Anyone can rock this look in numerous ways. Even our Salon Owner and Manager, Michelle Nguyen, cut her below shoulder length hair into a Lob the other week!


All pictures from Pinterest.com

By Amanda Vagners

5 Ways to Style Short Hair for Fall 2013


Hair Republic | Salon’s own Vanessa Grainger opted for a change in her ‘do last month. Her Cut and Style was serviced by Senior Stylist Michelle Nguyen (Blyth) and Colour was serviced by Senior Stylist Taze Vushaj.

Now, not everyone knows how to style their short hair. What products do you use? How do you use them? What style is appropriate for which occasion? Etc. We want to help you!

Vanessa depicted her new short hair style during the following week, to illustrate you just how versatile and fun having this style can be! We have added directions on how to style, as well, the products used, which you can find at Hair Republic | Salon.


Look #2

Products used: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Hydromousse
Directions: Apply Awapuhi Hydromousse to hair after towel drying your hair. Next, using a comb and fingers, create a few “finger waves” while drying your hair. Finally, when hair is dry, use your fingers to loosen the waves to add more texture.
Look #3
Products used: Sojourn Volume Gel and Kevin Murphy Gritty Business.
Directions: Start with applying the Sojourn Volume Gel on towel dried hair. Rough dry with hands and blow dryer, lifting up hair at roots to receive lots of volume. When hair is dry, use Kevin Murphy’s Gritty Business – just a dime size, unless you need more hold – and massage well into your palms. Finally, apply all over, pulling hair strands upwards.
Look #4
Products used: Kevin Murphy Body Building Mousse and Sojourn Smooth Serum.
Directions: Apply Kevin Murphy’s Body Building Mousse to damp hair – the best way to do this is by spraying mousse along a wide toothed comb, then combing it through your hair to reach each strand. Blow dry hair towards one side. Finally, she applied Sojourn Smooth Serum to the  ends of her hair for a sleek shiny look.
Look #5
Products used: Kevin Murphy Night Rider
Directions: First, apply a dime size of Kevin Murphy’s Night Rider on damp hair. Next, blow dry with a vented round brush – brushing upwards to get maximum volume. Finally when hair is dry, apply a  little more Kevin Murphy Night Rider to maintain height and to give hair more texture.