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The Very Versatile Lob

The recently trendy ‘Lob’ hairstyle is a grown out bob, or if you choose, you can cut it to a specific length. It has been seen on many celebrities recently and is a refreshing change from long hair and extensions worn by women!

Here are our top five reasons why a lob is the most chic and versatile hairstyle at the moment:

1. Short = less maintenance in the morning

It is a no brainer that shorter hair equals less time when getting ready and less maintenance during the day. How great is that!

2. The messy/beach wave look

It is easy to quickly curl your hair, run your fingers through it, and add some hair spray. Voila, you have perfectly tousled lob that doesn’t need upkeep during the day!

blonde lob

cheryl cole lob


3. Sleek and chic

Again, easy to blowdry straight, or run a straightener through, with a finishing shine spray. You will look beyond polished for your day at work or a night out!


genyth lobjenny mccarthy lob


4. Say ‘bye-bye’ to your Ombre hair style

Ombre (or Balayage highlighting) has been on trend for a few seasons now, but with the Lob, it has never been a better time to transition away from the Ombre look. Cut off the damaged and dry ends from your Ombre for a healthy head of hair while being on trend!


ciara ombre lob olivia palermo ombre lob


5. Looks beautiful with all hair colours and face shapes

All of our celebrity examples vary from blonde to different shades of brunette. Anyone can rock this look in numerous ways. Even our Salon Owner and Manager, Michelle Nguyen, cut her below shoulder length hair into a Lob the other week!


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By Amanda Vagners


From Runway to Running Out The Door – Fall 2013 Hairstyles

For the Fall 2013 season, there are many looks you are easily able to achieve at home, and some, not so much! We think you should leave the now  popular runway “wet look” for when you come out of the shower… But below, we have styles that will suit everyone’s often busy lifestyle, as seen on the runways for Fall 2013.

“Wake Up and Go!”

Wow, this is definitely everyone’s ideal hair-style! To wake up and leave your house with your hair as is. For these looks, do not forget to add some dry shampoo, a brush through with your fingers, and off you go!

burberry rough blowdry


easy blowdry vera wang

Vera Wang

“Wake Up, Take 5 Minutes, and Go!”

Similar to the looks above, these are effortless styles, except, you can see hints of wave. To create this look, either curl/wand your hair the night before and simply brush through once in the morning. Or the morning of, quickly curl/wand your hair, break a part with your fingers, (don’t forget dry shampoo), and off you go!

undone waves phillip lim

Phillip Lim

undone waves diane von furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg

“Wake Up, Uh Oh Last Minute Meeting, and Go!”

The low pony tail  is ideal for a day where you have meetings or need to have a lunch date with your boss. It appears a little messy, (since you did not have time to wash your hair this morning), but the little detail of wrapping your hair around the elastic is chic, effortless and takes minimal time Your boss will be impressed!

low pony

Ralph Lauren

low pony rachel

Rachel Zoe

“Wake Up and Decide, Hey I Want A Change, And Go!”

We wanted to illustrate styles ideal for the busy woman, however, if you want to opt for a change, please say yes to bangs! The textured bang is versatile – worn straight across or can be side swept. As it grows out (bangs tend to grow the fastest), you will be able to middle part them. Mix it with any of the above looks and you have encapsulated what Emilio Pucci had on his Fall 2013 runway – talk about being trendy!

emilio pucci bangs

Emilio Pucci

bangs pucci

Emilio Pucci


By: Amanda Vagners

Media Coordinator
Hair Republic | Salon

5 Ways to Style Short Hair for Fall 2013


Hair Republic | Salon’s own Vanessa Grainger opted for a change in her ‘do last month. Her Cut and Style was serviced by Senior Stylist Michelle Nguyen (Blyth) and Colour was serviced by Senior Stylist Taze Vushaj.

Now, not everyone knows how to style their short hair. What products do you use? How do you use them? What style is appropriate for which occasion? Etc. We want to help you!

Vanessa depicted her new short hair style during the following week, to illustrate you just how versatile and fun having this style can be! We have added directions on how to style, as well, the products used, which you can find at Hair Republic | Salon.


Look #2

Products used: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Hydromousse
Directions: Apply Awapuhi Hydromousse to hair after towel drying your hair. Next, using a comb and fingers, create a few “finger waves” while drying your hair. Finally, when hair is dry, use your fingers to loosen the waves to add more texture.
Look #3
Products used: Sojourn Volume Gel and Kevin Murphy Gritty Business.
Directions: Start with applying the Sojourn Volume Gel on towel dried hair. Rough dry with hands and blow dryer, lifting up hair at roots to receive lots of volume. When hair is dry, use Kevin Murphy’s Gritty Business – just a dime size, unless you need more hold – and massage well into your palms. Finally, apply all over, pulling hair strands upwards.
Look #4
Products used: Kevin Murphy Body Building Mousse and Sojourn Smooth Serum.
Directions: Apply Kevin Murphy’s Body Building Mousse to damp hair – the best way to do this is by spraying mousse along a wide toothed comb, then combing it through your hair to reach each strand. Blow dry hair towards one side. Finally, she applied Sojourn Smooth Serum to the  ends of her hair for a sleek shiny look.
Look #5
Products used: Kevin Murphy Night Rider
Directions: First, apply a dime size of Kevin Murphy’s Night Rider on damp hair. Next, blow dry with a vented round brush – brushing upwards to get maximum volume. Finally when hair is dry, apply a  little more Kevin Murphy Night Rider to maintain height and to give hair more texture.

What Is Actually On My Head?

Your hair is “dead”. Actually, the hair you see, which is called the hair shaft, is dead. As it is made up of the protein called keratin. Even though we understand our hair as being lifeless, there is much life that happens under your scalp!  

We will explain simply, the fundamentals of how hair grows. Hopefully, allowing you to better understand this more-than-just-appearance-like characteristic of both males and females.

Hair has two distinct components:

1. The follicle: residing under the scalp
2. The shaft: visible above the scalp



At the base of the follicle is the papilla containing capillaries (tiny blood vessels that nourish cells). The very bottom part around the papilla is called the bulb. The cells of the bulb divide every 23 to 72 hours. Surprisingly, faster than any other cell in the body – and you thought your hair was dead!

As mentioned, the hair shaft is made of the protein called keratin. There are three layers:  

1. Inner layer: the medulla
2. Second layer: the cortex 
3. Outer layer: the cuticle

 layers of hair

The medulla is right in the middle of the hair shaft, acting as a lifeline. The cortex makes up the majority of the hair shaft by giving your hair its width and colour. The cuticle is the protective outer layer made-up of overlapping scales (sometimes well illustrated in hair care commercials).

Do not be so shocked at how much you shed! This is a natural occurrence for humans, being quite random, opposed to other mammals with seasonal shedding patterns. You may shed anywhere from 50-100 hairs per day.

There are three stages of growth and shedding: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Not all your hair is in one of these stages at the same time. 



Sometimes your Hair Stylist will use these terms for you to better understand your hair process, often, when it comes to colouring or highlighting. Never be afraid to ask what exactly he or she mean by, “penetrating the cuticle”!  

(A short form answer: the cuticle must be opened for permanent colour to be depoosited). 


By Amanda Vagners

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Frizz is Your Friend!

Many of our clients come in during the summer with one major problem – frizz. Do not dread this ‘F’ word because we have tips to turn frizz into your friend!

Ottawa is having a summer of all types of weather; from sweltering sun to rain storms that soak you down. What can we do to protect our tresses from damage and having a mind of its own?


Depending on your type of hair, there are many options. However, every type of hair can benefit from hydration with the correct shampoo and conditioner. Our clients come back time and time again for Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Me Wash and Rinse. This product is extremely smoothing and hydrating to the point of saying bye-bye to your split ends! Being packed with antioxidants, it retains the hairs moisture and leaves your hair feeling smooth, repaired and radiant. Also, one of our favourite products because it is sulphate and paraben-free!


You may also opt for a similar product in Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. This will be a perfect amount of hydration for more fine hair. It will aid in taming your frizz and keeping your hair feeling and looking soft!




If you have any type of curl in your hair, we recommend you enhance your. During the day, this weather will likely turn your hair from straight back to its curls regardless. Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion will go beyond controlling your frizz, by not weighing your hair down. You do not need a lot of this product – a dollop the size of a nickel in your palm for mid-length hair will be just enough. Rub between your palms and apply from the mid-length to the ends of your hair. Scrunch and twist your ends to define your curls. This product also provides UV protection which is critical against sun damage and to retain colour!

300To further enhance your curl (or to create beach-like waves) in your hair, we recommend finishing with Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Texturing Sea Spray. It will aid in volume and refreshing your curls. It has been voted as the Best of Beauty in 2011 by Allure Beauty Expert.

Feel free to leave a comment and we will answer your  hair questions!
We are always available for advice or hair consultation during our operating hours.

By Amanda Vagners

Beauty With Benefits

The price of beauty can be high. After buying mascara, eye shadow and my own personal addiction, lipstick, it is easy to look into your newest bag of goodies and feel that dreaded feeling – buyer’s remorse. Why not try to ease that guilty feeling by giving a little something back?

Low and behold: beauty with benefits. Here are just a few beauty items that can make you feel better about buying that fabulous new shade of shadow you have been eyeing.

One of the products that has me reaching for my wallet is Peacekeeper Cause-Metics nail polish. It is organic, vegan and it donates all of its after-tax profits to women’s health and human rights organizations with a spotlight on women living in poverty and servitude. Peacekeeper is not just all about the nails either; they offer a range of lip balms, glosses & lip paint as well.

Their products are available at

 One of the most interesting product lines I came across was the CARGO PlantLove professional collection. What stands out the most about their products is how unique their packaging is – all of it is made of corn! My favorite packaging is of their lipsticks. The package has little wildflower seeds in it, and so after your lipstick is done, you can wet it down, plant it & voila – instant garden!  You can pamper your inner flowerchild at .

Also, two dollars from every sale of their lipsticks go to The Saint Jude’s Hospital.

With names such as “Golden Retriever” “Pug” and “Sheepdog”, eye shadow is not exactly the product you would expect. Buxom Stay-There is a Sephora exclusive brand of vibrantly hued, long wear & water proof eye shadows with colors ranging from a soft gold dubbed “Poodle” to a bright vivacious purple “Schnauzer”. In honour of the four legged friends, Buxom makes a charitable donation to Canine Companions for Independence. Who are a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs. Find your favorite at

Another brand that stands out in my makeup bag is NYX Cosmetics. I first found the brand when I would sport rainbow hued eyes and a band tee, though my style has changed, it is a company I trust – with good reason. One of their sensational products it their Doll Eye mascara. You can choose from waterproof, lengthening or volumizing and it delivers on its promise of full & flirty “doll eyes”. What makes this company even more desirable is how NYX has always been a proud supporter of many charities. They are most involved with the needs of children, such as The Art of Elysium, Children’s Institute Inc & Musicares to name a few organizations. So go ahead and get all dolled up, NYX can be found at Drugstores across the city & at

No article on cosmetics that care could be complete without the mention of MAC’s fabulous Viva Glam line of lipsticks. Most famous for having some of the most vivid and fun colours designed by top name celebrities, also, donating 100% of their profits to their very own MAC AIDS Fund. All their Viva Glam products can be found at

Whether your must-have make up item is a bright lipstick, statement shadows or amazing mascara, why not beautify yourself inside-out by buying make up that makes a difference? If someone asks you why you need yet another shade of lipstick, just tell them you are trying to save the world!


Article By M. Donohue

Four Summer Styles

After more than a few false starts, we believe it is safe to say that the warm weather is finally here to stay – time for sundresses, shorts and shades! Taking off your thick wool hat, likely revealing your hair that may require a fresh change. Now comes the dilemma of, “What can I do with it?” Don’t worry, here at Hair Republic | Salon, we have gathered our favourite four trends this season to transform your hair!

If you are going to do one new thing with your hair this summer, let it be Balayage colouring. Granted, this hair trend has been seen over the past few seasons, but with summer here, there are no signs this look is stopping any time soon. You can be on your way to having a gorgeous, fuss-free colour that can last you throughout the season.

Balayage derives from a French word meaning, “to sweep”, which pertains to the way the stylist applies the colour; lighter, sweeping strokes that start at the top of the head to heavier sweeping strokes at the ends of the hair for a natural sun-kissed look. The great thing about Balayage is the low maintenance aspect of it.  When your roots grow in, natural blending occurs with the pre-existing colour, and paired with perfect waves, it creates the very popular beach-hair summer look.

If Balayage seems too tame for your tresses, why not opt for more of a dramatic change? Go red! Contrary to widespread belief, red hair can work on a wide variety of people provided you choose the right shade for you. If your skin is a darker tone, a cooler tone normally works best – think burgundy or violet based. If the thought of complete red makes you “see red” then try a dark mahogany for a more subtle effect. Medium skin tones should stick to medium shades, where auburn is a fantastic choice. If your skin is a more pale tone, go for warmer shades of red. For a softer look, you can try strawberry blonde which has hints of red without having to go through a radical change. If vivid, striking colour is more your style, there are many darker reds hues that work wonders without washing you out.

Another fun and edgy way to wear your hair for the summer is having your bangs cut bluntly. They may seem like a scary change but they are surprisingly versatile. Sweet yet sexy, professional but fun, and they add just the right pop to any hairstyle while highlighting one of your best features – your eyes.

After you have gotten your best hair colour and your crowd-stopping bangs, you need to find a way to show them off, why not try an up-do? Up-do’s have made a comeback this summer and woman can now rejoice in the fact that the artfully messy and utterly romantic styles are back! Why not try the ethereal up-do Emily Rossum wore or try the casually chic side fish tail braid that has been popping up on every red carpet?

We have come out of another long Canadian winter where it seemed the sun has been constantly fleeting the past few months. Let us start truly enjoying our beautiful weather while it is here and re-kick off your summer with some innovative and fun hair ideas?

Article by: M.Donohue