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How To: Style your Long Bob for Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to try out a brand new hairstyle. For many of us, switching up our hair involves cutting some of it off! I recently did just that, opting for a long bob style courtesy of Master Stylist Karen Lino. If you’ve also jumped on the bandwagon of the long bob trend, read on for a few ways to style your new do this summer!

Curl it Up


Jourdan Dunn – who technically has a full on bob, but I love her and had to feature her here!














If you have straight hair like me, I suggest letting your hair air dry after washing it to minimise the amount of heat you’re going to apply. You can always use a round brush for some extra volume when it’s almost dry. Next, take a 3/4 to 1 inch curling iron and curl big sections of hair going in opposite directions. You’ll want your face framing pieces to be curled away from your face. Finger brush out the curls to finish!

For curly haired girls, you may need to straighten out your hair prior to curling. Better yet, embrace your natural curl with a curl enhancing product like Kevin Murphy’s Killer Curls!

Sleek and Straight


Jessica Alba

Once again, I like to let my hair air dry before straightening it to avoid using a ton of heat. Although my hair is naturally straight, I use a straightening iron if I want a really sleek look. I curved my ends in slightly but not so much that they look rounded.

Photo 2016-06-21, 5 45 06 PM.jpg

For curly hair, blow drying your hair with a large round brush before flat-ironing may be optimal. Curly haired Stylist Karen loves using Living Proof’s Style Lab Satin Hair Serum before blow-drying her hair straight!

Messy and Textured


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

Bring on the beach hair! For this look, I first scrunched up my wet hair with Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort and let it air dry. I then took a flat iron and added random bends into my hair, all directed away from my face. I like using a flat iron for this particular style because I find I have more control over the wave I am creating and where I want the bend, compared to when I use a curling iron.

For curly haired girls, I suggest you straighten out your hair before the above steps. Alternatively, you can once again embrace your natural texture! Try using Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again to eliminate any frizz and then use a flat iron to manipulate your curl.


Try these hairstyles and products out on your new long bob haircut and let us know what you think!


Blog by Alice Kapune.

Celebrity photos from Google images. 


My Journey to Bright Purple Hair and How You Can Get It Too

I’ve always been fairly timid with my hair choices, opting for various shades of brown or subtle ombres. The wildest I had gone was a brown with a slight purple tint to it, and some purple pieces along the bottom. But one morning I woke up and wanted to do something totally different and go purple all over. I texted my lovely co blogger Alice and we made plans to come get our hair done. Doing bright, fun colours in your hair isn’t always an easy (or short) process, so I’m going to explain what Senior Stylist Vanessa did to make my hair a gorgeous shade of purple.Because my hair was currently a sombre, I needed to lighten it first. Unfortunately, because there was more than one colour in my hair, and it had been coloured many times in the past, we couldn’t lighten everything at once. Vanessa started by applying the lightener to my roots, which was the darkest and natural hair colour. She let that sit for a while, and when she came back she started applying through the middle section of my hair. Finally she did the ends of my hair and made sure everything was lifting to the same colour.


Seeing my hair the colour of Kraft Dinner definitely made me a little nervous.

As you can see, my hair didn’t lift evenly, and in my experience this is normal. We applied a toner that would even everything out and get rid of some of that residual orange pigment in my hair.


This was the last picture I saw of my hair until the end. Slightly nerve wracking, but I put all my trust into Vanessa

It was finally time to apply the colour! We did this using Sparks direct colour, and Vanessa mixed a few different colours in order to get the shade of purple that we were going for. Once the purple was applied, we let it sit for a long time. We decided that I wouldn’t see anything involving the purple until the finished product. I loved the idea of being surprised, but it was so tempting to peek when everyone was coming up to me and talking about the colour!


The Sparks colour on my hair… it’s so purple!

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I fell in love with the colour! It didn’t feel like a weird colour for my hair to be, it just looked good. In total, it ended up being a 5 step colour application and I was there for 3-4 hours. It’s definitely not a short process, but it was absolutely worth it. Everyone will have a different experience, but most people require their hair to be lightened before they can do any sort of brighter colour. This colour will fade in roughly a month, and then we can play around with different colours to put on!


The official before and after! Unfortunately we forgot to take something while we were in the salon, but even after being out in the wind, the colour look fantastic!

If you’re looking to try something new for summer, head to or call 613-695-0789 to set up a free, 15 minute Consultation. Remember to post your photos with the hashtag #HRBL so we can see your fabulous hair!

The B is Back

I want to talk about the bob for a minute. The bob – long, short and everything in between – has made a comeback in the hair world lately. Everywhere you look, whether it’s in pop culture or everyday real life, girls are opting to have their hair chop-chopped into a new, fresh, cropped style. I am one of those girls (who is taking baby-steps and currently has an “extra-extra-long bob” … okay it doesn’t really count as a bob but I’m getting there!).


I’m not the only one with shorter locks these days – check out all these celebs who are rocking it too!

Some are wearing their bob classic and short:






Jennifer Lopez


Queen Bey


Jordan Dunn


Lily-Rose Depp

Some are opting for a ‘lob’ – a long bob:


Natalie Dormer (her lob in The Hunger Games features a side shave with a floral tattoo design)


Jennifer Lawrence


Jessica Alba


Emma Roberts

Here are some instagrammers/bloggers who are also sporting a bob or lob:


Victoria Hui – @thelustlistt


Chloe Plumstead – @chloeplumstead


Karen Yeung – @iamkareno

So why are women everywhere flocking to salons to have their hair chopped? Is it for the arguably simpler maintenance? I for one have had to use way less shampoo and conditioner now that I’ve had 8 inches cut off, and brushing is so much easier. Or maybe it’s related to the newly revived feminist movement in the past couple of years – spearheaded (at least in the pop-culture world) by short-haired Emma Watson. The 20’s bob is after all a tell-tale symbol of female emancipation.



Emma Watson


Louise Brooks

Whatever the reason, it’s happening – the bob is taking over. The results? We’re loving it.


Blog by Alice Kapune


Images from Google images

Wedding Styles: Tips + Suggestions for Your Best Hair Day

When planning a wedding, there are so many details to organize. Deciding on your look for the big day comes down to a couple of well-chosen elements that will make you glow. For the best look that makes you feel the prettiest on your big day, consider these 4 factors:

HairRepublicWedding1Neckline + Details
The neckline, whether a deep V, strapless, one shoulder, or boatneck style will likely be the deciding factor on wearing hair in an updo or down. For example, if you’re going strapless, you may want to keep your mid-length hair styled around your shoulders. However, a seam of pretty pearlescent buttons down the back of a gown calls for hair to be pulled up and away, to give the dress details attention. Any stand-out embellishments, especially around the neckline and shoulders will help make the up-or-down decision final.



Once you’ve studied the neckline and details of your dress, pinpoint it’s style. Is it classic, with smooth lines, and wouldn’t be out of place in a scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or perhaps it’s more romantic, with lace detailing and a Jane Austin’s Emma vibe. A sleek, 30’s inspired sheath could be considered modern, meaning all else is pared down, and a vintage style could create the option of a simple floral crown. Considering the style of your dress will help you finalize a hair style that enhances your overall look. Though beware of getting carried away with a theme; you want to look pretty and perfect – not as if you’re wearing a costume.


Jewellery + Accessories
You may already have chosen earrings, or are heart struck on wearing your mom’s veil from her wedding. Any accessories you choose will come with needs of their own. A veil will warrant a ‘do that can handle removing it after the ceremony and pictures. A floral crown or headpiece might call for waves or loose curls.


Hair Length + Type
Make sure to consider the hairstyle you are working with now, and what changes your hair will have gone through by the time of the wedding? If you’re looking at a date within the next 6 months, it is likely that your hair will be quite similar, unless you plan a big colour change, cut or extensions. Talk to your stylist about the looks that you like, and how they can work with your hair style and texture to last all day long. Be weary of doing something drastic before the big day, you don’t want to look like a stranger in your pictures.


Remember, to book a consultation a few months before the big day at Hair Republic, bringing with you any jewellery or accessories (such as veils or head accessories), images of your dress, and pictures of makeup you like. Your stylist will be able to offer suggestions and together you can plan a beautiful look for your special day.

Written by AVL. Images collected from Pinterest.

Hair Republic Spring Hair Trend Report 2014

As the cold season has finally begun to retreat, off come our toques and we begin to think about the tops of our heads again. Spring’s new beginnings have us opting to chop or trying a new look in preparation for what the bright and warmer seasons have in store. A look at what’s on the beat for hairstyles this season.


Paint It
Get artistic in the beauty sense and add some rainbow brights to you locks. Colour is a big hit with models this season, like Chloe Norgaard and Natalie Westling. A fun way to switch things up for festivals, beach days and nights spent outside. Try on short or long hair for temporary colour.
Hint: Head to Hair Republic and let the pros do it for you for the best results.



Get knotty
Braids are still on the scene this season, and have taken a hint from the romantic era. Long, thick and loose, with strands in the front pulled out to softly frame the face at Alberta Feretti, and slightly frizzed at Giles.


Braids, ponys and puffs of hair were adorned with tiny flowers. Keep flowers tiny and scattered, like at Dolce & Gabanna and Zac Posen, where models heads were scattered with a smattering of blooms. Or keep it simple as seen at Honor with a tiny sprig of blossoms tucked above the ear into a low pony.


Fancy Ponytails
Sleek low ponys with blunt ends were gathered at the nape of the neck and tied with thick gold buckles at Jason Wu, a decorated headband at Valentino, and wrapped underneath with plaid at Rodarte.


Crop It
Feeling like your longer locks are weighing you down? See your HR stylist for a cute cropped cut inspired by the choppy wigs models rocked at Marc Jacobs.


Written by AVL. Images collected from Pinterest, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and

Hairstyles for Prom

Spring is here, and that means that Prom time is closing in. It’s the end of high school, and the grand finale is just around the corner. Perhaps you’ve been planning your look for months, years even. Once the big decision is made, and the dress and shoes are picked out, then it’s time to decide on what to do with your hair. There are a few things to consider: your hair type and length, and the length, shape, and style of your dress.

Pinterest can offer a host of inspiration for prom hair styles, but we’ve put a few suggestions together to help you narrow it down even further. (Sometimes fewer options help to make a decision). As you choose how you’ll wear your locks for this special event, keep an eye on accessories that grab your attention. Sparkly headbands, flowers (either real or fabric), glittered barrettes, dangly earrings and pretty pins should co-ordinate with both your hairstyle and your outfit.


Updo Classic
The updo in it’s many incarnations is a classic event style, as hair pulled back away from the face is pretty and a great way to put the focus on the dress. Try a low chignon, with hair loosely tucked in and tendrils framing the face. Or have all your hair pulled up into a soft bun on the crown with an twinkly headband to dress up the look. Another pretty prom look is to tie hair back and tuck in a few flowers for a romantic effect.

HairRepublicPromShortShort Style
Even if you’re hair is short, you’ll want to have it properly styled. Make sure to research looks and have a consultation beforehand. It’s important with short hair to look intentional. It could be charming and textured like Ginnifer Goodwin’s cute cut or classic 1920s á la Carey Mulligan as Daisy in The Great Gatsby. Both of these beauties are enhancing thier ‘do with striking accessories. Sparkling and dangling earrings light up your face, or a pretty barrette pinned to hold a deep side part in place is a sweet way to add style to a sleek look.

HairRepublicPromLongLong Luxe
If you’ve been growing your locks for a long time, you can keep the look on your locks and less on the dress. Have hair braided into a fishtail and pin in small flowers, or go super classic and keep it long and curled, and pinned to the side. If you’re thinking straight and sleek go half up and accessorize with a jeweled or metallic pony wrap.

Remember, if you’re having a tricky time choosing a style, book a hair consultation at Hair Republic, making sure to bring along images of your dress and accessories. Let the experts take care of your look for this epic event!


Written by AVL. Images collected from Pinterest.

Romantic Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Holidays, whether Hallmark or not, deserve a little dressing up for the occasion. On February 14th, romance is in the air, (even if it’s 20 below). One could think of hair like a love letter; whether short and sweet or long and lusty, there’s a romantic style for the occasion. Here are 5 sweet styles for sharing the day with your sweetheart or going out on the town with your best girlfriends.


Short and Edgy
It’s Valentine’s Day, a bit of attitude goes a long way. A short ‘do given some volume at the front is a stylish way to rock your date.

Short to Medium-Length ’60’s
Get flirty with a vintage vibe on the fourteenth. Try tumbles of curls with a 60s vibe bouncing around neck and shoulders.

Half-up ’60s
Play dress up on V-Day with a retro style with lots of volume and waves. Pull hair back and up high then secure at the crown with a cute bow barrette.


Half-up at Home
Getting cozy at home on Friday? Pull loose waves back and secure low at the nape with a pretty clip, letting loose tendrils fall around the face. Pull on a baggy sweater and curl up with some aromatic tea and a good read.

Fun Pony
A pony isn’t just for jogging anymore. For an activity-filled date night with your honey or an exciting night out with your girlfriends, style hair into loose waves before pulling hair back for a mid-high pony secured with an elastic.

Whatever you do, remember cupid is on the lookout, so this Valentine’s day wow him with your great hairstyle. If you’re feeling like you might need a hand with your look, simply book at Hair Republic (you can do it online!) and let a stylist take care of it for you, or hint to your sweetie that you need a gift card from HR to make the day just right!


Post by AVL. Images via Pinterest.