Do you have 12 hours to spare and the inability to pick a nail polish colour? #PolishMountain may be the trend for you.


#PolishMountain was a trend started by YouTuber Christine Rotenberg after she was challenged to use every nail polish colour she owned. It resulted with her painting 116 coats of nail polish, creating a polish mountain. It has sparked a lot of people wanting to experiment with the trend themselves.

polish mountain 1

Between each coat, the nail polish has to completely dry otherwise the final result ends up looking something slightly less than appealing. The photo below is Christine’s first attempt at the challenge, having applied 40 coats before giving up and restarting.

polish mountain fail

The trend has taken off, with the original video having over 15 million views at the time of writing!

polish mountain 2

Popular YouTuber Jenna Marbles decided to take this trend a step further, uploading a video of her doing 100 coats of nail polish, false eyelashes (50 per eye), foundation, liquid lipstick, spray tan and hairspray. After 4 days online, her video has reached over 5 million views, and has trended worldwide on social media platforms. polish mountain 3

So what do you think? Is this trend a waste of time or a new fashion statement? Would you ever try it?


Photos from Google and Christine Rotenberg

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