How to make your Eyelash Extensions work for you!

Eyelashes extensions give you the perfect looking lashes everyday. No need to struggle with mascara and clumping, they are ready as soon as you wake up! Just like the hair on our scalp, our eyelash hair goes through cycles. Understanding these cycles can help you understand when is the best time to get your extensions, how often to get them refilled, and why your eyelashes (both extensions and natural) may be falling out.

Eyelashes grow in three stages: anagen, catagen and telogen. Simply put, the anagen phase lasts 30-45 days and it is when eyelashes are still new and delicate. The catagen phase is when lashes are at their strongest, and is around 2-3 weeks long. During this phase the lash stops growing. Telogen is the final stage and it’s when lashes begin to fall out, and make room for new lashes. Every hair in your eyelashes is on it’s own cycle, so they won’t fall out all at once.

When you get eyelash extensions, they tend to follow a similar cycle. Eyelashes are applied to lashes in the catagen stage because they are strong enough to hold the extensions. From there, the extensions will follow the natural hair cycle, falling out when the lash is in the telogen stage.

Because lashes tend to stay in the catagen phase for 2-3 weeks before they begin to fall out, we recommend coming to get lash extensions filled, or touched up, in that same time frame. This allows lashes that have recently entered the catagen stage to be extended, to make up for gaps where lashes have fallen out.

To maximize your lash life, you should take makeup off every night (preventing breakage and drying out), eat well (to maximize the nutrients involved in hair growth) and choose only the best products to put on your face and lashes!

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