The B is Back

I want to talk about the bob for a minute. The bob – long, short and everything in between – has made a comeback in the hair world lately. Everywhere you look, whether it’s in pop culture or everyday real life, girls are opting to have their hair chop-chopped into a new, fresh, cropped style. I am one of those girls (who is taking baby-steps and currently has an “extra-extra-long bob” … okay it doesn’t really count as a bob but I’m getting there!).


I’m not the only one with shorter locks these days – check out all these celebs who are rocking it too!

Some are wearing their bob classic and short:






Jennifer Lopez


Queen Bey


Jordan Dunn


Lily-Rose Depp

Some are opting for a ‘lob’ – a long bob:


Natalie Dormer (her lob in The Hunger Games features a side shave with a floral tattoo design)


Jennifer Lawrence


Jessica Alba


Emma Roberts

Here are some instagrammers/bloggers who are also sporting a bob or lob:


Victoria Hui – @thelustlistt


Chloe Plumstead – @chloeplumstead


Karen Yeung – @iamkareno

So why are women everywhere flocking to salons to have their hair chopped? Is it for the arguably simpler maintenance? I for one have had to use way less shampoo and conditioner now that I’ve had 8 inches cut off, and brushing is so much easier. Or maybe it’s related to the newly revived feminist movement in the past couple of years – spearheaded (at least in the pop-culture world) by short-haired Emma Watson. The 20’s bob is after all a tell-tale symbol of female emancipation.



Emma Watson


Louise Brooks

Whatever the reason, it’s happening – the bob is taking over. The results? We’re loving it.


Blog by Alice Kapune


Images from Google images

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