Eliminating Hat Hair in 6 Simple Steps

Winter is in full swing here in Ottawa, which means everyone is bundling up to stay warm. Unfortunately with cute knitted headbands and patterned scarves comes static and frizzy hair. We have 6 tips to help you prevent and repair the effects of hat hair!

Image result for frizzy hat hair


Avoid Wool Products

Wool causes friction against the hair creating damage and frizz. Look for hats that have a silk or satin lining to protect your hair from rubbing up against the harsh wool.

Change Your Hair Brush

Use a hair brush that has natural bristles, such as boar bristles. These brushes are similar to human hair so they cause less stress and less damage. As a bonus, natural bristles will also help add shine to your hair!

Static Guard

Spraying a little bit of static guard on your hands and rubbing it through the mid shafts and ends of your hair will help reduce any static caused by hats or scarves!


Fabric Softener Sheets

Running these sheets over your hair will eliminate the static. Carry some in your bag and slip off to the restroom when you arrive at your destination.


Carrying a travel sized hairspray in your bag will save you from many hair disasters. Spray a little bit in your hands and lightly smooth out the fly aways caused by your outerwear.

Hand Cream

As a last resort, hand cream is an excellent smoothing cream. Rub a pea sized amount of cream in your palms and smooth it over your hair, but avoid the roots. Applying hand cream directly to your roots will cause them to look greasy.


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