2016 Beauty Resolutions

It’s time for a new year, and that means brand new New Year Resolutions! Here are some beauty resolutions we recommend for you, that aren’t too difficult to keep.

#1. Pre-Book Your Appointments

Pre-booking your appointments is a great practice to start in 2016. Whether it’s for your Root Touch-Up, your Undercut Clean-Up, or your Bikini Wax, booking your next appointment after seeing your Stylist or Esthetician ensures you are saved a spot in the appointment book with them.

At Hair Republic, you can also reschedule your appointment, or cancel, if needed. Pre-booking with us is a way for you to get a future appointment with your favourite beautician!


#2. Get Face-Mapped

Stop wasting money on products not right for your skin. At Hair Republic we are proud to carry Dermalogica as our skin-care line and offer complimentary Face-Mapping for you to know what type of skin you have and which products it would benefit most from.

We also offer a 20 minute Microzone Facial that targets the skin repair you’re most in need of. With this particular facial you will also leave our Lounge with a months worth of Dermalogica products perfectly suited to your skin!


#3. Go Paraben, Sulfate and Cruelty Free

It’s better for the environment, it’s better for the animals and it’s better for you! At Hair Republic we carry lines like Kevin Murphy and Demes which are free of all three. Try out a Butter Me Up body butter by Demes and the Hydrate Me Masque by Kevin Murphy to get you through the cold and dry winter.

#4. Try Gel Polish Instead of Regular

At HR we carry O.P.I Gel Polish – it’s not acrylic, just a longer lasting polish that is cured under an LED light to make it extra strong. By choosing a Gel Manicure over regular polish, you’ll get around two weeks out of your polish. (Just no peeling it off!)


The gel manicure featured here is a gorgeous sparkle french tip by esthetician Angela Thok.

#5. Treat Yourself!

Try out something new that makes you feel good. We recommend having a Signature Facial done – ever had a face massage? Pair it with having a set of Elegant Lash Extensions applied – bye-bye messy mascara, hello flawless lashes!


Try out our New Year Beauty Resolutions and make 2016 a fantastic year!


Blog post by Alice Kapune

Kevin Murphy and Demes product photos from http://www.kevinmurphy.com.au and www.demesnaturalproducts.com.




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