Hair Republic Evolution

Hair Republic | Salon opened it’s doors to the people of Old Ottawa South in October of 2011. Since then it has built a dedicated clientele, a talented team and is preparing to enter the spa world by introducing a beauty lounge to their already successful salon.

For the past four years, Hair Republic and it’s team have not only built a reputation as a professional hair salon, but as a philanthropic business within the community. Michelle Nguyen (owner of Hair Republic | Salon) credits most of their success to the support they have received from the Old Ottawa South community. Hair Republic strives to give back to this community by  supporting other local businesses and participating in charity events within the area. Through the years, Hair Republic has participated in events such as the annual CHEO BBQ, Angel Hair Cut-A-Thon and the Every Leaf Counts campaign for the Hopewell School playground. The team at Hair Republic all care deeply about the charities and organizations they work with, and are always excited to volunteer their time and talent.

In addition to the fundraising and charity events they partake in, Hair Republic also partners with organizations in order to improve the salon environment. All artwork in the salon is done by local artists who are represented by IAM Management. Collections are showcased in the salon for three months to a year before new artwork comes in and another artist is presented. Not only does the artwork refresh the walls of the salon, but it gives artists a chance to show their work to a variety of people.

Hair Republic also closely partners with Green Circle Salons (GCS); an organization that works to ensure salons are reducing their impact on the environment by enforcing environmentally friendly procedures. In 2014, Hair Republic helped GCS keep 389,651 lbs. of waste from the environment in 2014. Hair Republic makes every effort to make sure the salon is as ‘green’ as possible, and this can be seen in the products they sell to the design of the workspace itself. The design for the new expansion will also do it’s best to make use of environmentally friendly techniques.

The Hair Republic | Beauty Lounge is designed to be a place for express spa services. The beauty lounge will offer a range of services (including facials, manicures and waxing) and be a social atmosphere for people to ‘relax on the run’. While most people would love the opportunity to relax at a spa for hours, the reality is that very few people have the time. The Beauty Lounge would be a place where people can go for their treatments before picking the kids up from school, during a lunch break or after class.

Hair Republic Photo.jpg

Michelle Nguyen first came up with the idea to expand the salon into a beauty lounge after a night of casual fine dining. Casual fine dining let’s customers experience all the elegance of fine dining while in the comfort of jeans. She was inspired to bring the high quality services of a day spa into the relaxed yet trendy environment of her salon.

To help with this spa expansion, Hair Republic enlisted the help of spa expert Tina Rodrigues. Tina has been in the spa industry for over 14 years. As someone who has been in the industry for a long time, Tina was excited to come to Hair Republic because of the creative environment they offer and the ability to help make custom treatments for the clientele.

Besides manicures and pedicures, spas are known for their incredible skin care treatments. When deciding which brand to work with, Michelle and Tina knew they had to pick the best products on the market. Voted number one in the industry for the past two years, Dermalogica seemed like a natural choice. Dermalogica uses a face mapping tool that allows each client to receive treatment and products personalized to their skin care needs. Dermalogica is one of the few skin care companies that considers skin care to be both a beauty and a health issue. Their face mapping tool connects different areas of the face (called zones) with potential internal health concerns, such as in the digestive system and liver. Many people forget that the skin is actually an organ, and that it’s health can be affected by the health of other internal organs, and how well we treat our bodies. Dermalogica focuses on healthy skin, and in order to ensure everyone’s skin is getting the best treatment possible, all products are made without any chemical fillers or ingredients that could potentially damage/irritate the skin.

The Hair Republic | Beauty Lounge is set to open on December 1st, 2015. While this expansion is an exciting endeavor, clients should not be worried about losing the classic Hair Republic environment. Hair Republic is, and will remain a comfortable, welcoming space for all clients.

Blog by Donna Monbourquette

This post will also appear in the December 2015 issue of the OSCAR. 


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