Introducing : Demes

Introducing: Demes

At Hair Republic, we are proud to support Demes: a natural, safe and non-toxic line of products meant for every day, made right here in Ottawa, Ontario. These products do not contain synthetics, toxic chemicals or any animal by-products. They are 100% vegan and certified Cruelty Free by the CCIC, and their packaging is made to be re-used, recycled or composted.

This new lines trending status speaks for itself, having been featured in the 2015 Golden Globe Celebrity Swag Bags. Here at the salon, we’ve incorporated the line into our daily routine and have it available for you to incorporate into yours as well.

The Products

Get The Funk Out


What it does: eliminates odors, germs and bacteria naturally. It is highly effective on surfaces and air, yet safe for your body.

How we use it: we have replaced our aerosol deodorizers with these eco-friendly ones to keep the salon fresh, naturally.

How you can use it: spray it on yoga mats, into slippers and shoes or on your pets beds.

Our favourite scent: Eucalyptus Peppermint

Look Ma, Clean Hands


What it does: a natural kitchen and bath soap that is vegan, biodegradable and lathers well.

How we use it: we have these soaps placed at both of our sinks, using it on our hands as well as for cleaning colour bowls.

How you can use it: cleaning hands, dishes, counter tops and floors.

Our favourite scent: Lavender Frankincense

Butter Me Up


What it does: a moisturizer for chapped skin that comes in a convenient mess free applicator.

How we use it: the stylists’ hands are constantly in water all day, which can be harsh on their skin. We keep a Tester Butter Me Up at the Front Desk, and they all like to moisturize their red knuckles with it.

How you can use it: whether it is the drying winter air or the chlorine from the pool in the summer, use Butter Me Up on your dry and chapped lips, elbows, cheeks, legs and heels.

Our favourite scent: Cherry

Where Can You Purchase Demes?

At Hair Republic Salon, 1093 Bank Street


Blog by Alice Kapune



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