Blonde Bombshell Upkeep

It is no secret in the hair world that both blonde hair and long hair are addictive. It’s hard to stop going lighter once you’ve had your first taste of highlights and it’s also hard to commit to the regular trimming of split ends once your hair starts to really reach mermaid hair length. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have long blonde hair, the blonde bombshell look has been sought after for decades. Marilyn Monroe’s platinum locks sent women off in hoards to nearby salons to have their hair bleached out to perfection. Much of Bridgette Bardot’s appeal came from her lengthy strands and sultry blonde fringe. And no one can deny that former Victoria’s Secret Angel Gisele Bundchen has caused extreme hair envy with her sun kissed Balayage mermaid waves. But what do these three women have in common? One word: upkeep. While long blonde hair isn’t everything to everyone, it sure is to some so it’s important to be aware of the best ways to maintain it.


The iconic Marilyn Monroe with Platinum Curls


Sultry 60’s Bridgette Bardot with honey hued hair


The modern day Blonde Bombshell, Victoria’s Secret Angel Gisele Bundchen

I recently dipped my ends into the Silver hair trend, just for a taste. In order to try this look out, my blonde hair had to be lightened even more, and the bleaching took its toll. Add this to my lack of recent trims and my ends were looking pretty thin and damaged. I knew by trying out silver I was going to cause some damage so I mentally prepared myself beforehand to cut off some length in the near future.

The Colour

When the day finally came to have my hair cut, my roots were looking a little dark.


Senior Stylist Vanessa brought up my Balayage highlights using an HR Salon favourite technique called ‘Baby Lights’. These fine highlights, hand painted on at my roots, were just what my hair needed to give it a sun kissed touch-up. She was careful not to overlap the bleach onto existing areas that did not need brightening. Luckily, my hair is pretty strong and can hold up well under bleach. But for those of you looking to go lighter who have fine, weak or already damaged hair, at Hair Republic your stylist can protect your strands using Olaplex. After washing the bleach out, Senior Stylist Karen used Kevin Murphy’s Blonde Angel Wash and Treatment to tone my hair. Before beginning to cut, Karen applied our new favourite leave in conditioner – Eufora’s Leave-In Hydration from Eufora’s Nourish line. This fresh mint smelling leave-in cream conditioner will help keep my hair hydrated for longer and will protect my hair from heat.

4 Inch Chop

When it came down to the actual cut, I had initially been thinking 2 inches. But when Karen showed me how little 2 inches of hair actually is, we decided on 4 instead. Trust me on this my long-haired friends, 4 inches really isn’t that much and sometimes your ends just need it!


As you can see, my ends are now crisp and smooth. They look – but more importantly feel – much healthier. Karen then added in some layers to give my hair more natural flow when wearing it unstyled, and to curl more easily when using an iron.

Drying & Styling

Before drying, Karen sprayed the Eufora Volume Fusion Spray in, only at my roots, to give my hair some lift. Although I have plenty of hair and don’t need any added volume to the hair itself, the weight of my hair drags it down and makes my roots look flat, so a volume spray at the crown of my hair is just what I need. I asked Karen if I could use this product even if I normally only fluff dry my hair, and let the rest of the moisture air-dry, since I try to avoid too much heat on my hair at once. She told me it would absolutely help, especially if accompanied by flipping my hair upside down when fluff drying. She also suggested spritzing my ends with a texture spray, like Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort, to give my hair an effortless beach wave when I don’t have time to use my curling iron. After drying, Karen took vertical sections of hair – from root down to the base of my head – without pinning any layers up and curled them with a 1inch iron. This method gives the curl more variety and when accompanied by finger combing them out, results in beautiful mermaid beach waves.

The Final Result

Healthy looking and feeling hair. My blonde bombshell look is better than ever now that my roots have been sun kissed by Senior Stylist Vanessa and my damaged and scraggly ends have been cleaned up by Senior Stylist Karen. Having long blonde hair can be extremely effortless, especially with the Balayage highlighting technique but it’s still important to give your ends a healthy trim and your roots a touch of colour now and then. Karen recommends long haired girls have their ends trimmed every 8 weeks to reduce split-ends. Balayage is a very customisable look, so the maintenance time varies from girl to girl. If you don’t mind your roots getting as dark as mine are, Vanessa says you can wait as long as 8 weeks. For girls whose hair is naturally very dark, she recommends a toner in between colourings anyway. If you prefer your highlights to stay bright around your face, come in and get them touched up every 4 weeks.


Other products we recommend for maintaining your Blonde Bombshell look:

Eufora Nourish Urgent Repair Treatment: this is a mask treatment to be used about every 3rd wash. Take note however, it’s better for your hair not to wash it every day and to use dry shampoo in between instead. So I use this mask at the most once a week, coating my wet but wrung out hair with it and leaving it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing it out.


Tangle Teezer: this specially designed brush is made for long hair. You can start at your roots and comb down. If your ends tend to snag, gently comb through your ends, starting from the end and slowly working your way up, before starting at the root and combing all the way through again.


Olaplex Conditioner: You can purchase the Olaplex Conditioner at Hair Republic if your hair is especially weak or damaged. This is an important part of maintaining your hairs strength.

Pictures taken from Pinterest (other than ones of Front Desk Coordinator Alice)

Blog by Alice Kapune


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