2015 is the year to Reinvent!

A new year gives us all an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and what could be a better way to do that than with our hair? Whether you are looking to add a little something extra to your current style or change your look completely, 2015 has a trend for everyone.


Braids are simple to do, very versatile and they look good on everybody. Braids are a timeless trend because there are so many ways to wear them and change them up. Try a more complex braid, or add an accessory to a simple braid to dress up your do.


Photo from The Fashion Tag


This is good news for those who like a low maintenance style. Ponytails are another style that can be easily changed to work for any situation. Slick your hair back for a classier event or leave it loosely tied for an everyday look.


Photo from A Beautiful Mess


At one point, most girls wanted to be a ballerina, or at least look like one. Buns are a really simple way to add an elegant touch to an outfit. Buns can be dressed up with braids, twists and accessories or kept simple and sleek by sticking to the classic ballerina bun.


Photo from PrimaIvy

Short Hair

Anyone following celebrity styles knows that short hair is huge right now. From medium length to shaven sides girls everywhere are loving the easy maintenance and the bold look that short styles are bringing to 2015. Starting with a medium length cut will help ease the transition into a shorter style.


Photo from The Fashion Tag


Getting bangs are a simple way to switch up an old style and make your style feel fresh again. There are a large variety of ways to cut your bangs, and even more ways to style them for everyday. During the winter months, bangs can be a great way to show your style when you are bundled up.


Photo from The Fashion Tag

Red Hair

Red hair is bold, elegant and sexy. Looking at Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone will confirm that. There is a wide range of red shades that will flatter any complexion. Red hair looks gorgeous in many styles, but for a lazy day, the colour alone will be enough to add to your look.


Photo from The Fashion Tag

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is always fashionable and 2015 is not looking to change that. Anywhere from dirty blonde to platinum blonde is fair game for this year. More natural looks are being reinvented with free hand highlights to add texture and depth to your blonde tresses.


Photo from The Fashion Tag

Blog by Donna Monbourquette


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