General Headmission: Festival Hair Summer 2014

Festival season is now in full swing. Getting outdoors in the sunshine to hang with friends enjoying music together is what summer music festivals are all about.

To stay cool and look sweet, plan ahead and style hair with a boho vibe and a touch of the practical. The best festival hair is carefree and out of the way, keeping the focus on fun and enjoying the music. Many festivals, especially in this neck of the woods, tend to take place during the height of heat and humidity in the summer. If you’re the type to overheat, set it and forget it; keep hair up and off the back of the neck in a pretty style with accessories says you’re in the mood to party. Here, a few tips for getting a festival ‘do: 


The morning of the event, before heading out for the whole day, apply a texturizer to the roots of dry hair. Hair that is dry and has volume will last throughout the day, making more room for fun, and less time attempting Port-a-Potty touch ups.

HRFestivalBraidsTwists + Braids
Now that you’ve applied a little oomph to your locks, you’re ready to rock and roll. Nearly any length or style will benefit from rolls, twists, and braids. Braids are a great option for festivals, because as the day progresses, the strands become loose, creating a feathery and carefree look that frames the face. These DIY styles also keep locks out of the way while you focus on staying cool, looking great, and enjoying the friendly company and awesome music.


Feathers, temporary colour, and flowers are all a-go for day-long festivities. The local craft store has a myriad of accoutrements that can punch up your look. It’s all about having fun and showing off your style. Ask your stylist at Hair Republic about temporary colour that will wash out once the show is over and you have to head back to work.

Festivals are the time to lay back, chill out and have a great day. If you prepare, you can look pretty in all your instagrams, show off your style, and keep things down to earth. Pack a picnic blanket, some sunscreen, and enjoy all the music you can this summer. Get festive!


Post by AVL, Images via Pinterest.




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