Streetstyle File: Hair Tips for Hats and Scarves

When the cold weather rolls around, it brings the opportunity to add accessories of our favourite kind: Hats and scarves. From wide brim fedoras, to floppy felts, slouchy toques, chunky wools and infinity scarves, the possibilities for great winter style are endless. Michelle Nguyen partner and director of Hair Republic has a few helpful tips on rocking warm accessories this season.


Hat’s Off to No Hat Head
When donning a hat, Nguyen’s tip is to emphasize on texture. A blow out will tend to get a crease along the line where the hat sits on your head. She recommends to curl, crimp or wave, which makes it less likely to see any hat imprints as hair will flow with the style. If you’re sporting a pixie or short and sleek cut, Nguyen suggests keeping a few strands out around the face or a little fringe to contour. Always have a little hair showing to keep the look cute and to intentional. The hat is the accessory, so style hair as a way to enhance it, not the other way around.


Wrap It Up and Keep It Sleek
Scarves are a necessity in the cold, and can add drama or spark to winter wear. But if hair is mid-length or longer, a few hours of scarf wear out in the cold can result in a ‘nape-knot’; that mass of hair that tends to matte and tangle from static as hair and fabric create friction. Nguyen’s solution is to try a side braid, or carry a little tamer when heading out for the day. She also notes that a leave in conditioner, such as Kevin Murphy Damage Manager or Kevin Murphy Young Again can seal the hair, making it softer and more manageable with less tendency for tangling. When not rocking a plait, toting a small travel brush and detangling during the day will mean less time fighting with strands when you get home.

Overall, when heading out into the cold the right cut and products will make the difference between struggling with winter accessories or having fun dressing for the cold and looking stylish when out around town.


Post by AVL.

Images via Pintrest.


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  1. One of my all time favorite looks is wearing a scarf with my hair pulled up. To me, it looks effortless, but yet classy at the same time. I will have to remember these tips when trying to pull this look off. Thanks for sharing!

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