GreenCircle Salon

Did You Know…?

Hair Republic | Salon is the first salon in Ottawa that partnered with Green Circle Salons to further improve our environmentally friendly initiatives by recycling our hair and products containers.

Green CircleImage Salons goal includes providing green solutions for the industry that are achievable and most importantly, create an impact. By offering a way the salon’s actions can be more positive for the environment, they are helping clients and employees, over time, make that important green transformation conceivable and sustainable.

Hair Republic |Salon collects cut hair every day which is then picked up on a bi-weekly basis and composted.  By doing so, we are finding ways to do whatever possible to reduce or footprint on our Earth.

An initiative Hair Republic |Salon is looking towards with Green Circle Salons is to further our practice of recycling hair by creating “hair booms”. This involves thousands of pounds of hair being transported to the United States where it is stuffed into recycled nylons that have been donated. Because hair attracts oil and repels water, it will soak up the dangerous substance before more damage is caused to the surrounding environment.

For more information regarding hair booms, feel free to read the article or watch the informative video at the top of the web page:

Every day Hair Republic |Salon makes conscious green efforts that include the use of:

–          Variety of eco-friendly hair and beauty products

–          Compact Fluorescent Lighting by using less power

–          Bamboo flooring due to an energy efficient manufacturing process

–          Green cleaning products

–          And recycling of all product containers

We take pride in our green initiatives. Not only does it leave the clients feeling that they made the correct choice with Hair Republic |Salon, but because our employees implement these practices every day, we are paving the way for a new green salon industry in Ottawa.

For further information, please visit:

Green Circle Salons

Hair Republic | Salon
Twitter: @HairRepublic


Article By: A. Vagners


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