Reduce, Reuse & Upcycle!

We live in a throw away culture. Recycling may be more at the fore front than ever before but with so many items being “disposable” or “one use”, the world’s landfills just keep filling up.

Luckily, there has been a revolution of sorts to combat our wasteful nature. From household dishes made of recycled yogurt cups to houses made entirely of old tires and newspapers – people are taking “reduce, reuse & recycle” to a whole new level! One of the largest trends towards recycling or “upcycling” is in jewelry.  I would like to highlight a few of my favorite companies that are repurposing recycled materials into stunning one of a kind pieces that I am currently coveting.

The Hairy Growler Jewelry Co.  is unique to any other company I have come across thus far. All their pieces are made from old coins and cutlery! Using only hand tools, truly beautiful and intricate designs emerge. My favourites from this company are the “Green Man” (top) and “Mind Warp Amulet” (bottom).

If your style leans more towards edgy rather than whimsical then there are two companies that attracted my attention.  Seven Ply Designs and All Deck’d Out are two companies that share the same idea: recycling used skateboards into funky affordable jewelry and accessories. I love the darling bird charm used in the necklace from Seven Ply (top) & the adorable bobby pins from All Deck’d Out (bottom).


The last company on my must-have list is Strings…and a Dare. Every piece of jewelry is made from the strings of various instruments such as guitars, cellos and violins. Exploring the website, the company’s creator shares the story of its beginnings and a straight forward guarantee of his products, “What it comes down to is this: everyone who wears my jewelry is thrilled with it…I intend tokeep it that way.”







My most desired piece from his collection is the piano string choker (top) which sadly, is no longer available—but never fear, he also commissions his work. Pieces can be found at

Many of these companies range in various designs of jewelry which can fit perfectly to your personal style. Stand out subtly or strongly – these quirky statement pieces will undoubtedly spark a conversation and maybe someone else’s interest in “upcycling”. You know what they say, let us try and reduce our carbon footprint!


Article By: M. Donohue


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